Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sarawak- Rhinoceros Hornbill ( Buceros rhinoceros)

From the definitive pictorial series first issued in 1955, here is the 6d greenish blue stamp featuring a 
Rhinoceros Hornbill    (Buceros rhinoceros)
 postmarked in Miri, Sarawak unfortunately the date is not too clear.

Latvia- Oriole & Plover

From the seaside town of Jurmala in Latvia, a   Eurasian Golden Oriole    (Oriolus oriolus)& European Golden Plover   (Pluvialis apricaria) issued February 2015.

Turkey-Mute Swans (Cygnus olor)

Mute swans on definitive stamps from Turkey, postmarked in Safranbolu which is a UNESCO listed old town in the NE region .

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

China- Taiwan Yuhina ( Yuhina brunneiceps)

                   Taiwan Yuhina ( Yuhina brunneiceps) a small bird endemic to the Island of Taiwan.
                                                       Issued as a definitive stamp in 2006.
                                                    Postmarked Tia-he District, Guangzhou

China- Cabot's Tragopan (Tragopan caboti)

 Cabot's Tragopan (Tragopan caboti) a most attractive colourful bird in full breeding plumage, issued as a definitive booklet  stamp in China  2002.
Postmarked Tianhe District, Guangzou

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Singapore- Black and Yellow Broadbill (Eurylaimus ochromalus)

Fresh out of the mail box is this striking colored stamp of a Black and Yellow broadbill  (Eurylaimus ochromalus) cancelled perfectly at the Towner branch of Singapore Post.
 Check my other recent Singapore broadbill to see what the bird really looks like

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Mali- Common Kingfisher ( Alcedo atthis )

Common Kingfisher ( Alcedo atthis) to commemorate the 200th anniversary of John James Audubon

New Zealand- North Island Kokako (Callaeas wilson)

 North Island Kokako  (Callaeas wilson) cancelled at noon at Wellesley Street west Auckland

Ghana- Red-crowned bishop (Euplectes hordeaceus

Red-crowned bishop (Euplectes hordeaceus) formerly known as the Fire crowned bishop

New Zealand- Malherbe's Parakeet (Cyanoramphus malherbi)

Malherbe's Parakeet    Cyanoramphus malherbi
 from the 7v  Threatened Birds series year  2000. Cancelled at Christchurch

Denmark-Barn Swallow ( Hirundo rustica)

Delightful illustration of a pair of   Barn Swallow  ( Hirundo rustica) 
from the 1999 Migratory Birds series cancelled at Copenhagen

Australia- Wedge-tailed Eagle (Aquila audax)

The mighty Wedge-tailed eagle with a massive wingspan, appropriately cancelled here at Hunter Region Mail Centre in New South Wales.

British Guiana-Wattled jacana (Jacana jacana)

1954 QE II   Wattled Jacana  ( Jacana jacana) Cancelled at Georgetown, the capitol of British Guiana

New Zealand- Yellowhead (Mohoua ochrocephal)

From the Native birds series, 1988  vertical pair of  20 cent Yellowhead   ( Mohoua ochrocephal)
Cancelled at wellington.

New Zealand- ,South Island Saddleback (Philesturnus carunculatus)

1962 definitive series semi- postal ,health stamps ,South Island Saddleback    Philesturnus carunculatus

Zambia- Whale-headed Storks (Balaeniceps rex)

Zambia 1987 definitive series. 20K surcharged on the 2K stamp of a pair of Whale-headed Storks. Also known as Shoebills cancelled at Livingstone PO.

Singapore-Yellow Wagtail ( Moticilla flava)

Perfect strike on the 2007A printing of a definitive  45 cent
 Yellow Wagtail (Moticilla flava) cancelled at Singapore.


1953  QE II Mauritius Dodo cancelled at Port Louis

New Zealand - Spottless Crake (Porzana tabuensis)

From the 1991 Native birds series- Spotless Crake    (Porzana tabuensis) cancelled at Auckland

Nigeria-Blue breasted kingfisher

Blue breasted Kingfisher cancelled at Kaduna , Nigeria 1969

New Zealand- Silvereye (Zosterops lateralis)

Perfect bull's eye strike on this   New Zealand 1988 bird definitive. 30c  stamp depicts  Silvereye    (Zosterops lateralis). Cancelled  at Auckland RMB

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Netherlands- Heron species

As you can see this is not a true bird stamp but a painting of a Heron species on a piece of  attractive  Delft porcelain from around 1700.
Cancelled  at Leusden De Brouwerij . Stamp is on the 2014 sheetlet from the  "My Netherlands" series.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Mexico- Yellow Canary

Two yellow canaries on this cover,. An old one and a young one. The young  stylized 2013 Canary was to commemorate Dia del Nino 2013 - Children's day in Mexico. The older stamp is  TB charity seal from 1961-62 featuring a Canary.
Posted on January 5, 2015, the cover arrived yesterday, April 29,2015 meaning the letter was four months in transit and luckily arrived still in perfect condition.

Singapore- Little Egret ( Egretta garzetta)

Little egrets ( Egretta garzetta) can be found in the wetlands of warm temperate to tropical regions. They are characterized by having black legs, black bills and yellow feet.
Issued in October 2014 as part of the  5v set on Tourism.Cancelled at Sengkang Central Post office.

Thailand-Common Green Magpie

The common green magpie (Cissa chinensis) is a spectacular looking bird, with it's emerald green feathers and bright orange bill . It's habitat is from the lower Himalayas, through Thailand, Malaysia & Sumatra  to Northwestern Borneo.
The stamp issued in 1976 is part of a 4v set . Postmarked in Bangkok.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Singapore - Grey Peacock Pheasant

As part of  a joint issue between  Singapore and  Vietnam,  issued in May 2013, here is the
Grey Peacock-Pheasant  (Polyplectron bicalcaratum) , which is actually the national bird of Burma.

Singapore -Black and Yellow Broadbill- April 2015

To commemorate the opening of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in Singapore a set of four stamps were issued featuring  four animal specimens from the mueum.
Posted on the first day of issue, from the museum.
 Bird on the  stamp is a Black and yellow broadbill (Eurylaimus ochromalus), an endemic species for this region. It's hard to see the beauty of the bird on the Singapore stamp so you can enjoy it on the 2008 Lao stamp.