Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Singapore- Kingfisher & Fruit Dove

Thanks to Eddie for this very nice cover from Singapore. The 80 cent  Jambu fruit Dove stamps are from the 2010 Flora and Fauna set and the White Collared kingfisher ( and Diving beetle) are from the 2011 Pond Life series.
Sent registered and postmarked in Killiney Road, Singapore.

Algeria- Golden eagle & Peregrine falcon

From the 2010 Algeria  Raptor set , a Golden eagle on the left and Peregrine falcon on the right cancelled at Imama Algeria with the tri-date of 12-12-12.

USA- Golden Eagle

Now that I'm trying to narrow my bird stamp collection to raptors, I was happy to receive a Golden Eagle on cover from the USA. The stamp value is for local use and the sender used a 20c label to make the correct value for posting to Malaysia. Postmarked from Atlanta Georgia at Phoenix Station.

Friday, 11 January 2013

New Zealand-Game birds

Now here is something different from  Wellington ,New Zealand. Two license fee stamps and one semi-postal stamp cancelled with the one pictorial postmark ,which looks to be a Wellington tram. The NZ Fish and Game stamps are issued annually as minisheets. Bobwhite Quail was 2012 and the Ring-necked pheasant 2011. Although produced by NZ post, these stamps are not valid for postage but proceeds from the sales goes toward habitat protection. The self-adhesive stamps from 2011 is the Takahe or Purple swamphen               (Porphyrio hochstetteri) on a 60c semi postal stamp from a 3v set. Thanks to Holger for this special cover.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Australia-Scarlet Macaw (Bright)

I don't usually keep bird stamps if the birds are not endemic to that country, but I had to make an exception this time because here we have  brightly colored birds cancelled in Bright, Victoria. What a great combination. The Scarlet Macaw stamps are from the 1994 Australian Zoos series on Endangered Species. The stamps were available in self-adhesives ( as seen here) or in a gummed version. BTW. The  Scarlet Macaw (Ara macaois the national bird of Honduras and found in the hot humid regions of  tropical South America.

Australia-Little Penguin (Albury)

Albury is on the grand Hume Weir which reportedly holds more than six time the amount of water as Sydney Harbour. The pictorial postmark shows the wall at the weir, unfortunately its not very clear but you get the idea. Cancelling another of the popular Little Penguin stamps from the recent Road trip series.

Australia-Wedge-tailed Eagle (Mansfield)

The date on this one could have been written as  20-12-2012. Another handsome Aquila audax  flew in from Mansfield Victoria, this time. Mansfield is a town at the foot of the Great Dividing Range  which you drive though from Melbourne if you want to go skiing at Mt Buller.